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Koala Coup T-Shirt

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Unisex T shirt. Sky Blue cotton

Just in time for (next year's) Valentine's Day, the shirt that says "I love you so much I'd skewer your enemy's head on the end of a sharpened stick and display it to the world whilst standing proudly on an amp in my bare essentials" like no other can.

Previously only seen on William Crighton tour posters, this proof that Drop Bears are not only real but incredibly dangerous (and purveyors of excellent musical taste) can now be yours to wear with aplomb.

Stunning "koala*" artwork created by Matt Dunn at Electric Wicky (he also designed the popular Riverina Kid tee).

Short-Sleeve. 100% Cotton Fabric.

*Legally we have to use the term "koala" as some folks don't believe in Drop Bears. When their head's on a stick held aloft by one of them, you can bet your bottom dollar they'll believe in them then. Too late for them to order the shirt though. Don't be a disbeliever. Order your shirt today.